Griffin Filtration

Griffin Group is a global provider of products and services for the filtration industry, utilizing proprietary technology developed from over 30 years of professional experience purifying petroleum-contaminated seawater.

In 2003, Griffin scientists developed MICROBLOC®, a revolutionary filtration technology, that is used exclusively in Griffin filtration systems. MICROBLOC® Multigrade Filtration Media Elements have tested to be 99.8% effective in separating water from diesel and bio-diesel fuels and can remove solid contaminants as small as 2 microns in size.

To best serve its customers, Griffin has developed an international distribution network, which in Australia - Marine & RV Systems Australia provides Griffin filtration technology and support to Australian consumers.

Griffin manufactures its proprietary line of filtration systems as well as several OEM/OES products in its own factory. This factory houses production lines for die casting and for filtration. Griffin products include filter casting parts, filtration media, filter elements, as well as completed filters and water separator systems. Griffin's lab-tested filtration systems help save fuel, reduce maintenance costs, and prolong engine life.

Griffin Diesel Fuel Filter / Water Separators are ideal for:
- Marine Diesel Engines
- Power Generators
- Fuel Storage Polishing
- Diesel Automotive Engines
- Construction / Earth Moving Equipment
- Agricultural / Forestry Equipment
- Biodiesel Applications​

Download the Griffin Filtration Catalogue by clicking 'Download' below: